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Talking History

We were interviewed by Patrick Geoghegan (professor of modern history at Trinity College, Dublin), on the ‘Talking History’ programme for Newstalk Radio on  7th January 2018, and he described our book as ‘a brilliant book and a brilliant story’.  This is a wonderful book programme, devoted to history books, the best we’ve ever come across. This particular programme was ‘Best of January Books‘, and you can still hear it as a podcast at It comes up with a picture of ‘The Canterbury Tales. Click on ‘Listen Now’. Ours is the first book featured, and the interview is about 10 minutes long.

Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival

We launched the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival in November 2017 with the festival’s first talk, on ‘Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History’. The event was sold out, and the entire festival was an incredible experience. See our newsletter 51 for a description.

Gibraltar: New Book (and Audiobook)

Our latest book called Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History was published in the UK on 7th September 2017 and will be published in the United States in March 2018. E-books are also available, as well as a brilliant downloadable audiobook narrated by John Telfer. Take a look at our website’s Gibraltar page for further details.


Talks and Other Events

The staff at Torquay's Waterstones on the night of our talk, all in costume (loaned by Brixham Museum)  We are always happy to consider invitations to give talks and interviews – please see our Events page, where we give details about our publicist Hayley Camis (who is organising talks for our Gibraltar book), as well as details about any forthcoming events. This picture was taken at a talk at a branch of Waterstones, where the staff joined in the spirit of things by dressing up for the occasion.


Interviews, Reviews and Features

We’ve been doing all sorts of radio and magazine interviews, including one with Giles Brown of the ‘Let’s Talk’ show on Talk Radio Europe, as well as another radio interview with Carrie Cooper for BBC Radio Jersey and one for Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation. Another online interview was with Family Tree magazine, which you can read here.

In the November 2017 issue of the magazine History Revealed, we were featured as ‘Book of the Month’, alongside an interview with us. In the December issue of Family Tree magazine, we are ‘Top Choice’ of the month, and the review is linked to an online interview with us. We have also had other reviews, including a full page in the Sunday Times. There have also been several features about Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History in local newspapers, such as the Chiswick Herald, Gibraltar Chronicle, Gibraltar Panorama and Sussex Express, The Gibraltar page of our website gives further details.

Daily Mail Double-Page Feature

We are thrilled to have had a double-page digest feature on our book Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History in the Daily Mail. It appeared on Friday 13th October, and we wonder if the date was chosen because the huge floating battery attack on Gibraltar in 1782 also took place on a Friday 13th (which turned out to be unlucky for one side!). You can see the Daily Mail piece online here, which has attracted a lot of comments.

Our Latest Articles

One of our magazine articles was on ‘Gibraltar’, publishedin BBC History Magazine for February 2017 (in their ‘My Favourite Place’ series), in which we focused on visiting military sites on Gibraltar. The Who Do You Think You Are? magazine (summer 2017) was a ‘Jane Austen special’, and we had an article in it called ‘Focus on Nelson’s Navy’, showing how to track your ancestors in the Royal Navy of Jane Austen’s time. In Folklife Quarterly 54 (July 2017), we had an article called ‘Poor Portraits and Broken Tokens’, which was based on songs relating to the problem of recognising someone after a long voyage. One group of songs is referred to as ‘broken token’ songs, where the returning sailor is not recognised by his beloved until he produces his half of a token. In  Who Do You Think You Are? magazine issue 130 (September 2017), we have a Gibraltar-related article on the family of Colonel William Green, who was the Chief Engineer throughout the Great Siege, and his wife Miriam Watson. It describes the difficulties and discoveries in tracing their ancestry and life together, along with tips for tracing military and Gibraltar ancestors. In Folklife Quarterly 55 (October 2017), we have another Gibraltar article, called ‘The British Salamanders’, on a ballad of that name, and in Folklife Quarterly 56 (January 2018), look out for our festive article on ‘The Boar’s Head Carol – and Blood Month’.

Latest Occasional News

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Jane Austen 200 years

This year, 2017, is the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen. It is also the 200th anniversary of her posthumously published novels Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. Our book Eavesdropping on Jane Austen’s England is published in the UK by Abacus, giving the background to the way of life at the time, enabling readers to better understand the Austen novels. The Daily Mail described the paperback as a ‘must for anyone who wants a peek under Mr Darcy’s wet shirt’! The paperback is also available in the US and Canada, as Jane Austen’s England, where it published by Penguin, with an equally gorgeous jacket.

Persuasion (published in 1817) and Mansfield Park are considered to be Jane Austen’s ‘naval novels’. For an insight into her connection with the Royal Navy, check out a guest blog we did a while ago on Julian Stockwin’s website called ‘Why Jane Austen Loves a Sailor’.

Reasons for not living in Jane Austen’s England!

We have a slideshow here in the Huffington Post, giving 13 reasons why you would NOT want to live in Jane Austens England … it’s safest to read books about the era instead!

Chinese Greek and Roman

Our books The Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome and The Handbook to Life in Ancient Greece are now published in Chinese in hardcover by The Commercial Press in Beijing (ISBN 978-7-100-11480-6 and 978-7-100-12037-1). Their website can be viewed here.