Welcome to the website of Roy and Lesley Adkins. We are historians and archaeologists, and on this website you can discover the books we have written, see our latest news, read our growing collection of newsletters with all sorts of fascinating topics, check out our blog, look at various photographs we have taken, and find out a bit about us.


We are husband-and-wife authors based in south-west England, near Exeter in Devon. We devote much of our time to writing books and have also enjoyed a career in field archaeology, so we are equally at home unearthing ruins and unearthing archives. Our very first book was The Handbook of British Archaeology, and since then we have written many other books on historical and archaeological themes, ranging from detailed reference books to popular non-fiction.


You are very welcome to sign up for our free newsletters or get in touch by clicking ‘Contact Us’. If you are new to our books, we hope that this website will tempt you to try out one or more of them. So far, they have been translated into seventeen different foreign languages, and they have acquired a reputation for being reliably researched and highly readable.


Our last book was Eavesdropping on Jane Austen’s England, which is published in the United States as simply Jane Austen’s England. Our latest book, published in September 2017, is called Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History.


‘The Adkins’s page-turning account makes you feel as if you were there amid the smoke, blood and gunpowder’ (Catholic Herald)


‘masters of the historical narrative’ (Quarterdeck)


‘The husband-and-wife historian team once again exhibit their talent for enlivening British history’ (Kirkus Reviews)

Roy and Lesley Adkins (photo by Greg Hider)