Publication Details

Our latest book, Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History, is to be published in the UK by Little, Brown in hardback on 7th September 2017, ISBN 9781408708675. It will also be available as an e-book in various formats. In America, it will be published by Viking Penguin in 2018, which is when the paperback will become available in the UK.


UK hardback jacket


Publication Progress

We submitted the manuscript (on time!) at the end of February 2017. We have since done a few amendments thanks to the input of our editor, and it is now going through the processes that transform a manuscript into a finished book. The publication date was set long before Gibraltar became a controversial part of the Brexit negotiations. Normally, it takes a year to publish a book, so everything is speeded up for this book. At the moment, we are waiting to check the manuscript of Gibraltar, as it has just been copy-edited.



The north and west faces of Gibraltar, looking from La Linea in Spain,

which took its name from the ‘Spanish Lines’ fortifications


The book jacket was done ages ago, the maps have all been drawn, and we have prepared illustrations for the plate sections. No doubt all sorts of other mysterious tasks are being done, such as choosing fonts. After copy-editing, the typesetter then produces page proofs, and at this stage some are bound as advance review copies. We will be sent the typeset page proofs for checking, and a proofreader does the same, while an an indexer starts work. After a few inevitable corrections, everything will be ready for printing the finished books in time for review copies to be sent out and for getting into bookstores for publication day – 7th September.

Talks and other events

While the book production continues, our publicist is arranging talks and other events, which will be added to our website’s Events and Features page once definite arrangements are made. She can be contacted as follows:

Hayley Camis, Press Officer, Little, Brown Book Group, Carmelite House, 50 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0DZ. Tel. 020 3122 6000



The Great Siege

Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History is an epic tale of courage, desperation, endurance and intrigue, brought to life by eyewitness accounts and in-depth research using unpublished archives and contemporary late 18th-century accounts. For over 3½ years, from 1779 to 1783, the tiny territory of Gibraltar was besieged and blockaded, on land and at sea, by the overwhelming forces of Spain and France. It became the longest siege in British history, and the obsession with saving Gibraltar was blamed for the loss of the American colonies in the War of Independence.


A soldier of the 72nd Manchester Regiment at the gunpowder magazine

near Willis’s battery, part of the ‘City Under Siege’ display at Gibraltar


Located between the Mediterranean and Atlantic, on the very edge of Europe, Gibraltar was by then a place of varied nationalities, languages, religions and social classes. During the siege, thousands of soldiers, civilians and their families withstood terrifying bombardments, starvation and diseases. Very ordinary people lived through extraordinary events, from shipwrecks and naval battles to an attempted invasion of England and a daring sortie out of Gibraltar into Spain. Deadly innovations included red-hot shot, shrapnel shells and a barrage from immense floating batteries.


A World War Two gun on the site of Willis’s battery. During the Great Siege, this battery played a key role


This is military, naval and social history combined, a story of soldiers, sailors and civilians, with royalty and rank-and-file, workmen and engineers, priests, prisoners-of-war, spies and surgeons, all caught up in a struggle for a fortress located on little more than 2 square miles of awe-inspiring rock.


Looking from the Moorish Castle at Gibraltar towards La Linea in Spain. The runway marks

the position of the isthmus. A great deal of development and land reclamation has taken place since the Great Siege